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Elgin Beverage has been proudly serving businesses in the Chicago-land area for over 85 years.

Featured Brands   

   Crystal Lake Brewing    

Crystal Lake, Illinois

CLB FoxRocker

Behold, Fox Rocker!

This exciting new release, as part of the Crystal Lake Brewing "Dry Land Series", is a nod to an independent and locally owned Chicago radio station:  103.9 The Fox.

Fox Rocker is a beautiful ballad of smooth and complex. This beer features soaring solos of caramel malt sweetness accompanied by restrained notes of American hop spice ending with a crisp & clean finish.

Crystal Lake Brewing is also proud to announce that with every Fox Rocker keg or case of beer sold; a percentage of profits will be donated to a local charitable organization.

For more information about Fox Rocker, the feature local charity, or Crystal Lake Brewing, please visit:  http://www.crystallakebrew.com/






Flagship Brands

 Discover the Story, Discover the Especial!

Modelo Bottle Image s    Modelo Bottle Image s    Modelo Bottle Image s

 Discover the legendary Pilsner-Lager of Mexico that is now the #1 imported brand in Chicago and the #2 imported beer in the U.S.

Modelo Especial is an authentic, straight-up good beer that prides itself on its quality and ability to stay true to itself.

For more information on this record-shattering brand; please visit:  http://en.modeloespecialusa.com








News & Events


Be on the lookout for the brand new 2017 Corona Extra and Corona Light 12oz. cans at your local stores and taverns!

With the weather changing and Summer right around the corner, there has never been a better time to grab a 12 pack and Find Your Beach